Repeated prayers have a special place in the history of the church and as a family we have come to recognize their value.  Each month in our home we pick a song of the month and find or write a prayer to go along with it.  We say the prayer together often over meals and over the course of the month commit it to memory.

Below are some of the prayers we have shared as a family and now share with you.  May they draw your family together and shape your hearts and souls into the image of God.  Original prayers were written by our family for a certain season or based upon a theme typically related to one of the children’s favorite songs.  Scripture prayers are just that, passages from the Bible that are functional and formative as repeated prayers.  Traditional prayers are prayers that were written by Christians and have stood the test of time being prayed by generations of believers.

If you click on the link you will open a downloadable and printable PDF document.  Typically the document is designed to print and cut into multiple copies to share with each family member.  So give it a try.  Pick a prayer, print it off, and share it with your children.  Repeat it at the table, bedside or in the car.  Post it on the mirror, above the kitchen sink or beside the speedometer.  Then share with this community how it blesses your family.

Original Prayers      

Easter 2011

 prayer-of-the-overcomer  Inspired by Mandissa’s Overcomer

Hero’s Prayer

Prayer of a Young Servant

Kidside Christmas Prayer 2015

Scripture Prayers

Shema  Deuteronomy 6:4-9


psalm-62-am-and-140pm  Psalms 62 and 140 have been used historically as a morning and evening prayer.

Traditional Prayers

Peace Prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi

Prayer of Abandon  by Charles de Foucauld

A Child’s Prayer

desmond-tutu  “Victory is ours through Him who loves us.”




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