Holiday Resources

From Old Testament times God has encouraged His people to use the calendar to help teach His story to His children.  I try to continue this today especially through Christmas and Easter observations.  Below are some resources that I have used in my ministry and I make available to you.  (If you would like to have access to a Microsoft Word version to which you could make adjustments please let me know.)

marys-treasure-box-contents  This content list goes along with the Book Mary’s Treasure Box written by C.E. Walz and illustrated by Bruno Merz.  We created a box in class for each child to take home.  For more info see my blog post Mary’s Treasure Box.

Christmas 2013  “The Place of Christmas in the Mission of God”

Christmas 2014  “Turn the World Around” (Inspired by Luke’s Gospel)

Passover 2014  Script for Messianic Passover Observance adapted from Holly Allen


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