Ahoy Matey!

On Wednesday night, December 14, these children set sail for a memorable voyage.  These kids and their families gathered to discuss and re-experience C.S. Lewis’ great book, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Just like the Pevensey children they went through the picture frame and into a new world.  Most importantly, we learned with Lucy that our experiences of Aslan in that world were meant to help us know the true Christ in our world.

I am so grateful for and encouraged by the families that make these book club nights so meaningful.  It is difficult in our busy world to make the time to do spiritually enriching things with our children.  Seeing other families take up the challenge, inspires each of us not to give up.


Two illustrations in this book seemed quite powerful for the Christmas season.  The lake on “Death-water Island” turned to gold anything that touched it.  This seemed good (think King Midas), but once everyone realized that the golden statue at the bottom was once a living person, the risk became evident.

Also, the cave of the dragon reminds us of how Eustace became a dragon himself after being infatuated by the dragon’s treasures.  Both of these examples remind us of the destructive power of greed in our own world.

We will meet for our next book club in late March to celebrate Lewis’ The Silver Chair.  Start now reading this one as a family if you would like to participate in the book club with us.  It is such a blessing to discuss what we have read from the perspective of both child and parent.  What a blessing to learn and grow together…In Him, Wes


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